University of Auckland Embedded Systems Research Group

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We are a group of PhD students (and academic staff) in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. We have a broad variety of research interests, ranging from computer architecture to formal methods to security. However, everything we do is applied to embedded systems - computers with dedicated functions within a larger mechanical or electrical system, characterised by constrained computing resources and real-time computing requirements.

We are also all heavily involved in Teaching Assistant work, in particular for design courses, including Introduction to Computer Organisation, Digital Systems Design, Microcomputers and Embedded Systems, Software Design, Advanced Digital Design, and Advanced Embedded Systems. Between us, we have been involved in at least five start-up companies too.

Group Members

Nathan Allen - Bioelectronics Modelling


Andrew Chen - Embedded Vision


Ameer Ivoghlian - Wireless Sensor Networks


Ryan Kurte - Wireless Sensor Networks


Hammond Pearce - Timing Predictability and Modelling


Zac Roberts - Sensor Network Virtualisation


Tyrone Sherwin - High-level Synthesis


Benjamin Tan - Hardware Security



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